Monkey Helpers

I love the mission of the non-profit Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled. The organization, based in the Boston area, trains capuchin monkeys to provide daily, in-home assistance to people afflicted with spinal cord injury and other severe mobility impairments. There is no fee for recipients.

The incredible capuchins attend Monkey College and learn how to help people with everyday activities like picking up a dropped or out-of-reach object, turning the pages of a book, or opening and setting up a drink of water. After nearly 2 years of training, they are placed with disabled recipients. A quadriplegic or movement-impaired person uses a laser pointer directed by mouth control to communicate his/her specific needs to the primate.

Helping Hands also has a Foster Home Program. Volunteers care for the capuchins and prepare them for acting as companions to disabled individuals.

If you’d like to support the non-profit, visit their site or their Facebook page. For upcoming Valentine’s Day, you can donate to the organization and send a Monkey Gram to your valentine.


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