Hugs for Coca-Cola

Hug a vending machine, get a can of Coke. That’s right, no money required; only a hug! This novelty only exists on the campus of the National University of Singapore, however. I don’t see the “Hug Me” machine making its way to the U.S.

The Forbes article mentions a factor behind this marketing campaign from Coca-Cola: Singapore discourages public displays of affection, but PDA is growing more common among Singaporean youth.


Marsupial Melee


Humorous quote from this Islington (England) article: “A pair of wallabies were also scheduled to appear, but after a marsupial melee the previous day they didn’t feel able to attend.”

Other animal facts from the article:

“Meerkats are impervious to most types of poison and regularly eat venomous scorpions.”

“The common house spider is one of the most poisonous in the world – more so than the tarantula – but their fangs cannot penetrate our skin.”


Gaggles, Robots, and Fopdoodles

If you’ve ever bagonized at the airport and wondered whether a fopdoodle had stolen your luggage, this slideshow is for you: David Crystal’s article explains the origins of 7 words (some rarely uttered, some fairly common). The selection is from the author’s book and full list of 100 words (The Story of English in 100 Words).