Nyms Explained

Confused by the “-nym” words?



Animal Psychics for Soccer

A ferret named Fred has been chosen to predict the winners of the matches in the UEFA Euro 2012 soccer games. Fred’s powers will undoubtedly be compared to those of the strangely prescient German octopus from the 2010 World Cup, named Paul, who correctly guessed the winners of all the matches. In addition to Fred, who is from the Ukraine, Citta the elephant, from Poland, and a hog named Soothsayer from the Ukraine are also going to be called upon to predict the game results.

Excess Baggage

Thanks to airlines charging for checking luggage, more and more passengers are dragging carry-on bags onto planes, leading to delayed takeoffs and not enough space to accommodate the bags. The solution, according to many major airlines, is not to stop charging for checking luggage but instead to build bigger overhead bins on their planes. Find out which airlines are making changes in this article.


A WSJ article on the trending word “bespoke.” Once used only in the tailoring industry, the adjective (meaning “made to order”) has become increasingly common among other businesses and corporate personnel looking to push their product as unique and customized. “Some language purists aren’t happy with this co-opting. Neither are London’s original bespoke artisans,” the article states.

Fig Newtons

…Are now just Newtons. Originally called Newtons when created in the 19th century, the chewy cookies were renamed Fig Newtons in 1914. That name has once again been shortened; the manufacturer wants to remind consumers that the cookies contain other flavors besides fig (strawberry, apple, raspberry), and appeal to those who dislike (or think they dislike) figs.