$100 for Spirit Travel

Good news, in my opinion: Travelers hoping to sneak carry-on bags onto Spirit planes (without having paid the required charge to do so) will now be forced to pay even heftier fees than they would have done so had they followed the rules and paid at the time of booking. (I’ve witnessed many travelers trying to do this, and all it does is slow down the boarding process considerably, overstuff the overhead bins, and delay the takeoff.)


Flu Prevention Based on Age

Fighting the flu with vaccine: Young children respond better than older kids and adults to FluMist, a nasal spray, whereas adults ages 18 to 49 respond better to the injection. Adults over 65 don’t respond well to any flu vaccine, but there is a new, high-dose flu shot for seniors that appears to help.



French Sweets

An article on the French obsession with chocolate-covered marshmallow bears (“oursons guimauve”). Despite the less robust economy of late, the French confectionery industry continues to grow, in part helped by the teddy bears.

Humorous passages:

‘Then, more urgently, he adds: “Is there anywhere round here I can buy some?”‘

“They have just been launched on the US market, a move that prompted some disgruntled voters to call for President Francois Hollande – long-nicknamed The Human Marshmallow (l’Homme de Guimauve) – to be dunked in chocolate and exported along with them.”

NYC Marathon Angers Some New Yorkers

UPDATE: The race has been canceled after the uproar.

Despite NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s statement that the marathon scheduled for this coming Sunday won’t divert needed resources from disaster relief, many New Yorkers are not happy that the race wasn’t postponed. Apparently many in the city are still reeling from Hurricane Sandy’s destruction, surviving without power and other basic supplies.