Catholic Schools See Enrollment Challenges

Tuition rises, fewer Catholic students, and more attraction of magnet and charter schools are reasons why the rate of Catholic school enrollment has declined significantly over the past years. In the past decade, attendance rate dropped 22%. Some city schools have managed to keep their numbers steady or even slightly higher, however, thanks to aggressive work on their parts.

For a quick refresher: magnet schools are defined as public schools offering specialized courses not available in regular public schools; most magnet schools concentrate on a particular discipline, while some, like the International Baccalaureate schools, have more general areas of study. Charter schools receive public money, are subject to some of the rules that apply to other public schools, and are expected to produce results set forth in the school’s charter. They usually have greater flexibility than normal public schools, and in return for that, charter schools receive less funding than traditional public schools in that zone.


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